Fenix HM65R Headlamp

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years on headlamps from all of the major companies and they never seem to last but around a year or two. Either they aren’t bright enough when you need the extra lumens, or the battery runs dry quickly leaving you searching through your bag of batteries in the dark. I’ve noticed the materials used in some of the more expensive brands don’t last. A lot of manufactures try to use plastics since they are lightweight, but they never hold up over time. Usually the plastic battery compartment in some headlamps eventually breaks from opening and closing the compartment door, and water leaks in when you least expect it. I have a headlamp graveyard in my shed where they hang on a post never to be used again. They serve as a reminder not to buy that brand again.

Fast forward to Fenix Lighting USA. This is my first Fenix headlamp. And probably the only headlamp I’ll ever need going forward because the Fenix HM65R has now replaced every single one of my other headlamps. I’ve given away everything else that was still working because to be very honest, this headlamp screams quality, quality, quality! The magnesium body is super lightweight, and the type-C charging is lightning fast. The compartment door is robust too and comes with an O-ring to keep all the water out. It uses the 18650 batteries too and they last forever. The headband is super comfy and fits my huge head with room to spare. It has reflectors along the side too for nighttime walks and jogging. Perfect for taking the dog for a walk or walking with the family.

Let me tell you why this is my all-time favorite headlamp. It’s because of the quality of the light it puts out. There is no way that I can put into words the quality of light that comes out of this headlamp. You’d have to see it to believe it. There are two separate lights on the front. One is a spotlight and the other a floodlight. You can use one at a time or both in conjunction for a super 1,400 lumen output. This thing is no joke. Not even the YouTube videos give it justice. You truly need to see it in person to grasp the top craftsmanship of this headlamp.

Overall, I give this headlamp a solid 10 out of 10 hands down. I use mine primarily for working in the yard at night and for night hikes with groups of people. The days are shorter here in NC during the winter, so it gets dark around 5pm but there is still work to be done outside. I also go on 2-4-hour night hikes in the mountains and have found a headlamp frees up the hands so I can use trekking poles. Plus, our heads naturally point in the direction we want to see, and the light, being on the front of the forehead, always points in the direction we are looking. Sometimes carrying a flashlight in hand makes it harder to put light where we need it the most in a timely fashion, whereas a headlamp moves with our vision. It’s more natural and works quickly when time is of the essence. A good example of this is when you hear a noise coming from somewhere around you. Your eyes move faster than your hands, so a flashlight is slower to use where a headlamp is already shinning where you’re looking. I hope that makes sense.

You can check out the product page for all of the specs on this headlamp. It is waterproof, dustproof, and drop resistant up to a certain point. Most people will never push those limits so there isn’t a real reason to worry too much about the build quality. I’ve honestly thought about buying a second one to have in case Fenix decides to ever stop selling this one. I cannot imagine a better headlamp at this price point either. Pick up one and see for yourself. This is the unicorn of headlamps.

– Justin

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