Fenix HM65R – Great headlamp for fishermen in Hawaiʻi!

Fenix HM65R – Great headlamp for fishermen in Hawaiʻi!

Scuba Diving Ambassador Cody F.

Great headlamp for fishermen in Hawaiʻi! The HM65R is the brightest, most reliable, and most comfortable headlight I own. It fits like a glove and doesn’t flop around when dashing to quickly grab my fishing poles, when the bells are ringing. Another couple reasons why the HM65R is a winner for me is because its waterproof, not bulky, and isn’t heavy. I like to go fishing a lot, so I spend a lot of time around or in the water and since its waterproof I don’t have to worry about getting the light wet; one less thing to worry about. It is easy and fast to use since there are separate buttons that control the spot and flood light. I no longer have to the click the same button over and over to get to the correct setting. The flood light is perfect for using inside of your tent, reading, tying fishing rigs, and for taking pictures. While the spot light is perfect for seeing far in one focused area. When you have both on at the same time you can see far and in your peripherals. Being able to see far and in your peripherals at the same time makes a big difference when trying to bring in a fish, because it is easier to see where your next best footing/step is and you have more time to react to things such as waves. You can see down and out in front of you at the same time making it easier to see while walking or running. I also really like the USB C charging port because I don’t have to pack a separate charger for long hikes and camps, making my pack much lighter. The only thing the HM65R is missing is a red light. Other than no red light the HM65R meets everything I was looking for in a headlamp.

The photo shows my father trying out the HM65R as we prepare the kayak to go night diving and torching.

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