Fenix HM61R caught me off guard.

Fenix HM61R caught me off guard.

Ambassador Eric W.

I currently have 4 Fenix lights and each serve their intended purposes; never leaving me wanting a better light. How can things get any better, one might ask.

Let me introduce you to the HM61R. This is a light that virtually captures all of my needs in one. It has a stunning 1200 lumens and 8 different operating modes.

Some of my activities require maximum light output, where the 1200 lumens makes light work of. Other times, my tasks are more delicate in nature, and require a lumen output of a much lesser degree.

Feeding livestock and other chores around the house the light casts more than enough. It makes chores much safer, knowing I have a light that is up to the task. I also am an avid hunter. This is where the light really comes in handy for me.

Most animals cannot detect red lights. From predator hunters to deer hunters, red lights have been used for as long as one can remember. Another benefit of utilizing a red light, is that it does not affect your night vision when turned off.

The HM61R has three modes of red light. Low, med and flash. I religiously use this light to guide me in and out of my hunting properties to avoid detection, all the while, casting enough light for me to safely navigate through the woods and wilderness areas.

Not ONLY does it have 8 modes of lighting and is sold as a headlamp, the light also detaches from the headlamp band and can be hand carried. Along with hand carrying, it also has a metal clip that allows you to attach it to items such as your shirt pocket or jacket.

Really, Fenix, it truly can do it all. If you’re looking for a light that has more capabilities than you can imagine, look no further than the Fenix HM61R.

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