Fenix HM50R, great little companion

I use this headlamp as a backup on my canyoneering trips. It’s small and light so it usually just lives in my pack. Once at camp, I will use it for moving around camp, or setting up, etc. I easily forget it’s on my forehead until I have to go to bed. Rarely do I have to go beyond the first couple of brightness settings, but on a recent trip I maxed it out and it performed great. We heard cracking throughout the night and mostly dismissed it thinking it was an animal out in the woods. Eventually, the cracking got louder and more frequent, until we spotted a dead tree leaning a little too much. I pulled out my camera and set my lamp to the highest setting and started recording. Didn’t know if the tree was going to fall soon, take some time, or even fall at all. Lucky for me, it fell within a couple minutes of recording and caught this rare event on video. My HM50R was handy and it provided enough light to brighten up the video. Not the usual story, or usage, for my lamp but thought it was a great event.

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