Fenix HL60R – All Purpose Headlamp

When I got the Fenix HL60R, I had a plan on what I would use it for – for a riding light on my helmet while I cycled. I never could have expected how much I would use the light in everyday applications. Whether I’m working on the car, or just walking around the property at night, I seem to always be reaching for my HL60R.

The HL60R is a single LED light with a max output of 960 on turbo. The max runtime on turbo is just under an hour, but with the nature of headlamps, it’s very often too bright to use. When looking at items near my head, medium or high is usually quite sufficient, and with 10 hours on medium you won’t need to recharge it for many uses. The headlamp gives you an estimated battery level with a single press of the power button, so you can make sure it’s fully charged before you head out on a trip.

The orange peel reflector is one of my personal favorite aspects of the headlamp. The rough pattern on the LED reflector causes the light beam pattern to smooth out and it reduces artifacts and produces a more even beam pattern than traditional smooth reflectors. The light is also integrally rechargeable, so with any 5-volt adapter you’re able to make sure the battery is ready to go for whatever may come.

The straps that are included are great quality, and the top strap is removable in case your application won’t allow for it. When cycling at night time, I remove the top strap and tie the head strap to my helmet. Not only is it bright enough to light up the road in front of me, but the head-mount nature means that wherever I look, the light is illuminating it for me. With an adjustable angle it’s a quick twist to be lighting up the road at just the right level, no matter what my head position is.

More and more I find myself reaching for this headlamp even before my EDC flashlight when I have nighttime projects. Mowing after the sun goes down, moving boxes in my poorly-lit basement, working on painting projects when I have to make sure the coating is even, they’re all perfect applications for the HL60R. It’s a great headlamp, and the features are all very well thought out to make it extremely user friendly.

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