Fenix HL55 Headlamp Review

Outdoor Ambassador, Greg L., Reviews the HL55

Of all my Fenix lights I own, the HL55 headlamp has to be my favorite. What places it in this prominent position for me is not a single story on an adventure, but rather the frequency of which I use it. Like most of us can agree, we are not always able to be out on an adventure, even though we may like to. My HL55 gets the majority of its use right here at home. Let me give a few practical examples of why I love this product.

One night a strong storm had caused my gutters to buckle and spill a solid stream of water onto my lawn, in turn digging a whole in my nice grass. Without hesitation I strapped on my headlamp and grabbed a ladder to fix the problem. The IPX-8 rating stood up to its rating and the headlamp worked great through the downpour.

Other examples include: Re-wiring in my attic where space was tight and my hands where occupied, changing the oil and other mechanical work on my Jeep Wrangler, using the Eco setting with up close work on computers, cleaning rifles, or just wanting clean light on something particular.

The battery lasts incredibly long, it feels good on my head, and it is a home owners must have light. This all does not even touch on my experiences with it in the great outdoors. A must have for sure!

Fenix HL55 Headlamp

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