Fenix E30R

Fenix E30R

Fishing Ambassador, Josh R.

I have been carrying this light daily since it arrived. I have not only used it daily between work and fishing but have also made sure to use it every chance I get around the house just to put it through its paces.

Lets start out with some things I find to be Pros of the Fenix E30R

I love the Magnetic charging. The fact that I can recharge the light plus have the option of swapping batteries makes it ideal for a daily carry. Especially since it uses a button top 18650 instead of a flat top. Having the magnetic charging on the side of the light is a feature I really enjoy since I also carry a Swiss army knife in the same pocket daily. Having the charging on the side prevents it from pulling the Swiss knife out when I grab the light from my pocket.

The grip pattern on the light is not too abrasive but still gives a good grip. I appreciate the all metal design, as rubber coatings seem to wear off too quickly. The light milled textures provides enough grip without ripping your hands up like some other lights.

I have to say this light exceeded every expectation I had when it comes to durability. I have dropped the light, had it fall off of my hat and hit concrete from about 12 feet off the ground and there have been zero functionality issues. I have gotten the light wet by accident (fell off of my hat into a bucket of wash water) and never even shut off. I dried it off on my shirt and just kept working. The light has a slight dent from hitting concrete but the coating held up so you can’t even tell it fell.

That fact that the light reverts to the low setting every time it is turned on is something I like. Not having to worry about the light being accidentally turned on and burning a hole in my pocket is nice. It adds a very nice piece of mind factor that is great since I carry this light in a pocket daily.

I truly love the fact that switching through the output setting just requires a quick click of the button instead of having to hold the button or click some random combination. This makes switching output much quicker and simpler while using. It also makes switching while wearing work gloves a lot easier since I don’t have to feel around to get a good grip on the light, I can just click quick and boom more output.

Now the few aspects/features I found to be cons or things I think could be improved.

The pocket clip isn’t deep enough. This results in the light protruding out of my pocket while carrying it. And while I am out in my shop it has caused the light to catch on many things as I walk past or while I am working it tends to get snagged on whatever I am working on. I wish the clip was extended so the light sat flush with the pocket, not sticking out an inch. Also having the light protrude so far past the clip makes it very front end heavy when clipping on a hat and in turn makes the light work itself loose much too easily.

I will say the clip also doesn’t grip as well as I had hoped. I frequently attach the light to the bill of my hat for hands free use. The clip included does not grip the bill as well as I would have liked. Making the light a bit unstable when clipped to a hat bill or to an outcrop on my truck.

I do wish the light had a secondary tail switch. It would make the light much more versatile while using both in my shop and out in the field. Would also make operating the light much easier when wearing gloves.

The automatic step down from turbo to the lower setting seems a bit drastic. I understand that it is to prevent overheating and damage to the light. I wish the turbo setting would have a shorter max time and step down to a bit higher setting versus the large step down it has.

In conclusion I have to say I am very happy with this light and would recommend it to anyone looking for a daily carry light that isn’t too large to carry in the pocket and still be able to have a full function work light on hand. This light has been a workhorse form the day it arrived and I see it continuing to be a faithful carry for years to come.

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