Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight – A Very Bright EDC

Fenix E28R Rechargeable Flashlight – A Very Bright EDC

Ambassador Jonathan K.

I needed a compact, slim flashlight for my EDC needs. I wanted something that would fit well in my pocket without being too large and bulky, but I also didn’t want something “wimpy” when it came to its max LED output. Meet the E28R!

The E28R is everything you think it would be. It is perfectly compact, has a no snag design, and it extremely bright! It has five lighting modes ranging from 30 lumens to 1,500 lumens!!! It’s runtime is fantastic and lasts for hours between charges/uses which is fantastic, because who wants a light that has to be recharged all the time? I got it for every day carry (EDC) use; however due to the light’s small size and lightweight design, it would be a perfect handheld light for backpacking, ultra-light people, traveling, and one to keep in the car. The built in charging ports is another feature that makes it very useful for on-the-go people.

As with all of my Fenix purchases, this is another great light that doesn’t disappoint!

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