Fenix E18R – No reason Not To EDC

I purchased this light due to my current daily carry light needed upgrading badly. To say the E18R is an upgrade would be an understatement.

In my testing I have found this light to be very light weight, small enough to carry in any pocket and the clip has even kept the light in place…even on several roller coasters. That’s right folks, I put my light (and money) in peril to show how awesome this light is. It stays clipped to the pocket nicely, and the magnetic base is a handy feature for hands free use. I’m not sure why some reviews claim it to be an issue. The light has stayed where I’ve put it, every time.

The light is smaller than most typical daily carry items such as chapstick or credit cards. Yet the light is BRIGHT. The light output is of warmer color than competitors blue led bulbs. I prefer the warmer color. The multiple light outputs and wireless charging are very handy as well. I don’t suggest doing it, but I tucked mine in swim trunks and went swimming with my kids for a few hours and the light worked…and had zero water inside when I opened it. The strobe feature is great for signaling or disorienting would be attackers.

All in all this light is perfect for carrying daily and you have zero reason not to. It works great in a pair of jeans or toss it in a pack and off you go. Charge it up anywhere, or use your cell phone external battery.

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