Fenix E16 EDC Flashlight – Little Light, Large Lumens!

I’m always looking for more out of less, and with the Fenix E16 EDC Flashlight that certainly is the case! I have several large and even EDC lights, but I was looking for something smaller that could be attached to a key ring or carried unnoticeably in a pocket. Weighing just 21 grams (39.8 with Fenix ARB-L16-700UP Built-in USB Rechargeable Battery) and measuring only 2 inches long, the E16 fits that bill perfectly. Even more impressive is its output with 700 max lumens (700 turbo, 150 max, 30 medium & 5 low). The strobe feature at 700 lumens is a nice added feature. While the unit it small it is easy to handle. The push button switch in the side is easy to access and can be covered by the Two-way body/pocket clip to prevent accidentally turning it on. The magnetic tail cap is also handy for hands-free use.

The Fenix E16 EDC Flashlight is a top-quality light with high output for a modest price, a must-have for EDC.

fenix e16 compact flashlight

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