Fenix CL25R – The Stella Light

Fenix Camping Lantern CL25R

As my title alludes, the Fenix CL25R Lantern should have been named The Stella. On the turbo setting this light is amazingly bright from all angles. Stella is Latin for ‘star’ and this lantern is like having your own star up close and personal. The light’s turbo mode outputs 350 lumens for a whopping 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I use the light for my evening fishing ventures. As my fishing boat is not outfitted with running lights for evening fishing, Texas Parks and Wildlife laws require that a vessel have “at least one bright light, lantern or flashlight visible all around the horizon from sunset to sunrise in all weather and during restricted visibility.”  With the magnetic base on this light I am able to turn the light on and set it on the metal plate at the bow of my boat and its brightness surpassing the Texas Parks and Wildlife guidelines. It sticks strongly, is waterproof and the light is bright enough to help me continue to fish into dark.

fenix cl25r lantern red light

I use the red light function to help supplement my headlamp (Fenix HL55) while trying to trailer my boat in the dark. The red light setting is not super bright but it helps when I magnetically attach it to the bow stop on my trailer to help guide me into the right position when I am out alone. The red light does not attract mosquitoes which is a huge plus!

Whatever setting you may find yourself in that requires a lantern, this is for you. The battery life is incredible, the light is sturdy and a great size, the multiple settings help in a variety of situations, and I know it will go the distance.

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