Fenix BC35R Bike Light – Above the rest

Fenix BC35R Bike Light

I recently got back into biking, so I was on the search for a heavy-duty bike light. I wanted something that wouldn’t break if it took a hard hit or fall, something rechargeable via USB (for solar compatibility on longer trips), very bright and battery level indicator of some type.

After way too many hours searching the internet trying to find the perfect bike light, I decided to give the Fenix BC35R bike light a try. It was slightly heavier than I wanted but checked the box on every single other requirement I had for my new light.

The lumen output which is 1800 lumens was one of the biggest deciding factors for me because most other bike lights weren’t anywhere near that. This BC35R light output is quite impressive on the streets and on the trails and doesn’t disappoint. This light offers 4 standard brightness levels, a 20-second burst (1800 lumens) setting and a hazard/flashing light setting.
The light pattern is unique as it has a sharp cutoff on the top so you don’t blind oncoming people while it maintains a nice wide and low beam.

The light itself is built like a tank. It feels as solid as it looks. I’ve never handled another bike light which felt so robust and durable. The buttons are well made and don’t feel like cheap rubber. The buttons are fairly large and easy to click while on the move, even while wearing gloves. The buttons are back-illuminated green while the light is on which makes it very easy to see.

The OLED screen is amazing. The screen will give you active/real time readouts for each brightness setting.

The built-in alarm system is a very unique feature. I did have to break into the user manual to figure out how to use this feature. You must be using the remote switch in order to arm it.
Once you arm the alarm, you remove the alarm key from the remote and it will set off a very loud audible alarm which makes it a great anti-theft device.

Run time is excellent and accurate to the manufacturer’s specifications. The BC35R has a standard micro USB port for easy charging anywhere you go. The built-in 5200mAh performs great in this light. I don’t think I will ever need to replace it which is good considering it’s non-removable. But Fenix’s battery quality has always performed well for me.

Great light output.
It includes easy to use remote switch.
Extremely durable.
Good run times.
Easy to use while riding.
Rechargeable via USB.
Solid mounting hardware.
OLED screen for run times and output.

It doesn’t have a great throw. This was the biggest downfall for me.
The brightest setting will only run for 20 seconds at a time.

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The Fenix PD36R is out of this world.

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