FD41 – The Perfect Do-All Light

Basically I bought the FD41 as a house flashlight. Around our place we have lights everywhere, but my loving wife seems to collect her favorite ones and put them where I can’t find them. This light is a perfect do-all unit. It can focus a spot beam to see out in the back where the bears like to walk through at night, and it can provide a wide flood when checking on the poultry pens and other livestock.

The ease of beam focus makes it simple to use and adjustable for any conditions you find yourself in. 900 lumens is plenty bright and the adjustable output is perfect when you want to be a bit more subtle. It is built with all the Fenix ruggedness and reliability that we have experienced in our other lights. The tail switch is easy to find and operate and the output selector is conveniently located close to the bezel where it won’t get inadvertently pushed when using. The anti-roll ring lets you set it on the hood of the truck or on a fence post without worrying about it rolling off. I love the functionality of the light and am looking at the smaller FD30 to toss in my hunting pack.

You can find all the detailed specifications at https://www.fenixlighting.com/product/fenix-fd41-focus-flashlight/

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