This little pocket carry light is amazing. Would work great in a ladies purse too if clipped in a proper place to locate it easy due to it’s small size. I’m used to a tactical flashlight that remains on the bright setting when turned back on. When this light is turned on it starts out on the lowest setting. When a bright light is needed right away I hold the button down when activating so the bright strobe comes on then I push the button a few times to get it to the steady bright mode. The magnetic charge cord hookup is the neatest feature…no more putting off charging it. Just put the end of the cord close to the charging circle and it attaches! I’ve even used this to charge to battery for my other light because it’s so easy to use and takes up very little space. The picture will give you a good way to judge how compact this light is. Perfect addition to my Fenix collection of lights which to me are must carry tools.

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