Early Season Shenanigans

Opening Day of the 2019 duck season, and in my boat are two veterans excited to take advantage of the day, Duck hunting starts ridiculously early, and today was no different departing the ramp at 530 through the darkness of the night,

I just recently purchased the HL60R which can be found at https://www.fenixlighting.com/product/fenix-hl60r-rechargeable-headlamp/

I charged it overnight, and let me tell you, it was a game changer. The first benefit was it lit up the river on our transit, actually helping me guide around debris and enabled me to get on spot better. Once we reached our destination, the light help get the decoys where they needed to be, right from the beginning. Other benefits from this particular light is/are the comfort while wearing. It really fits nicely, and I never once felt like it would fall off or not stay in place. Another great feature for hunters is the ease to turning the light on and switching brightness levels. This is especially important when it is cold out and the ease of this light allows you to maneuver it even with your gloves on. This light really is a step above and the difference maker in our successful day.

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