E35 V3.0 – For the “Lumen Hog”

E35 V3.0 – For the “Lumen Hog”

Ambassador Peter H.

The E35 V3.0 upholds the high standards I have come to expect from all Fenix products. It laughs at cold, wet, muddy and never left me without light. I was initially attracted to this light because, simply put, I’m a lumen hog. Minimum I’ll even think about buying is 1000, but I’m always looking for the next brightest, smallest thing on the market. This light throws out a cool 3000 on turbo mode. And thanks to it’s 5000mah battery, this powerhouse is still small in the hand. Thanks to adjustable light levels, you can always have the exact brightness you desire.
Nothing is better than hearing a noise out in the darkness and instantly being able to see what’s causing it. For those who frequent the outdoors this light will quickly become a trusted companion on your travels.  The battery I use with it has the USB C port built right into it, with a charge indicator light in the top. No additional chargers to carry, whenever it ran on me, it was easy to charge on the go. But with the large capacity battery it rarely ran low unless I forgot to charge the night before.

Through my time carrying this, I have no complaints of any kind, it’s a great light. The only suggestion I have is to those who pocket carry, use the double tap lock feature to avoid accidental turn ons. You’ll quickly know if ya don’t, this baby makes a pocket WARM, FAST!! This light weighs so little you’ll probably forget you have it until you need it. Great pocket clip holds it securely wherever you keep it. No worrying about it slipping out and being lost.

The E35 V3.0 is for anyone seeking a high lumen output in a compact, durable light. Great for EDC. Anyone who spends time outdoors will enjoy having one. And if you have a loved one you need a gift for, problem solved! People in all walks of life, professions, etc would appreciate a quality, useful gift such as this. A word of caution however, the E35 V3.0 should not be given as a gift to a child. The potential for them accidentally doing harm to their eyes is present, as it is very bright. But not to worry, Fenix also has other lights available for younger people! Check out their full product lineup and you’ll surely find whatever you’re looking for!

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