E30R Tried and Tested

The new Fenix line up intrigues me. A flashlight with more out put than my current UC35 V2.0 is worth a look. I initially overlooked the special charging cable and while it does work well and the magnetic cable snaps into place with ease, I found myself missing the cable a time or two and just replaced the battery. Run time was ample, I use my light daily for various activities and for extended amounts of time.  I did leave it on turbo and monitor its heat generated.  The head of the light got up to 120 degree while the body remained touchable. I think this is reasonable if you think of the energy this light uses up to 4-5 amps in such a small package – some heat is to be expected and I really like this light.  It’s not a spot light but as a task light it’s very good at looking into engine bays or dark attic spaces. I experienced no funky yellowish/green tint as other reviews had mentioned and I am particular on the color of my lights. I was excited to find a light brighter yet smaller than my current EDC and I thought this could be it.  The only thing I missed was a tail cap switch.  After carrying this for 2-3 weeks I missed it less and less but in the end I will be going back to my UC35 V2.0.  If you are someone who isn’t partial to tail cap operated lights check this light out it packs a punch for its size and its quality is second to none.  If you need a tail cap check out my review on the LD30 https://www.fenixlighting.com/product/fenix-ld30-flashlight/

Either way you will be getting a light from a company whose products can stand the test of time.


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