E03R key chain light, smaller than you think

E03R key chain light, smaller than you think

Work Ambassador Cody D.

This little light has very good output. My first impression of this light was “that is small” I don’t know why but it’s size cut me off guard. It is bright enough that you can use reflective light instead of direct light which is really handy if it’s connected to your keys that you were trying to use. As always quality is top notch. Carrying the E03R for over a month now the finish has minimal wear on the edges or corners. I have recharged the 3 times now (once every other week) and the dust cover for the charging port seals easily every time, I have had the light become unlocked once in my pocket (full of other keys) and it drained the Battery. If it’s not locked it will turn on if your carrying it in your pocket or purse. Usb-c rechargeable is such a nice feature for flashlights. I recommend this light in the end. Bright things in small package.

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