CL30R is an outstanding lantern

CL30R is an outstanding lantern

Ambassador Frank W.

I bought the CL30R lantern to use mainly for emergency lighting at home and to take camping and offroading. Since it uses the same 18650 batteries as all of our other Fenix lights, our spare batteries and chargers work with it perfectly.

First use was when the power went out for 48 hours. We have a backup system for the house but not all circuits are on that system. We used the light to illuminate the basement and also the shop. On High it was sufficient to illuminate the 800 sq ft basement, and on Turbo is was well lit.

I took it with me off-roading in my Jeep since it is much more compact than my regular work light. We had a mechanical issue on the trail and we used this light to illuminate the work area under the Jeep while we replaced a u-joint. It distributes the light evenly and doesn’t blind you like some high output work lights.

The ability to hang the light, sit it on a flat surface, or use a small tripod makes it very universal. The tripod mount is one that I have seen before but is quite handy. I made a small bracket that attaches to the spare tire carrier to mount the light securely off the ground in camp. We also used a small camera style tripod to set the light on top of a big rock.

All in all this is the best battery lantern I’ve used. Will be getting another one soon.

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