Ambassador Ian W.

This may have been more lantern than I was ready for… Not size-wise, but the amount of light it puts out! The max of 600 lumens was more than enough to light up my living room during a recent power outage, and the tripod attachment made it easy to set it up in any part of the room.

I started using the camping lantern as a sort of night light as well, to test it out. I ran it at the lowest to second lowest setting and had it on all night, every night, for a little over a week before it needed a charge. I think it’s safe to say I’m covered on my next camping trip!

The added feature of being able to charge my phone was welcomed as well. Just a little piece of mind for those emergency situations.

With its solid construction and plenty of available light, I can see the CL30R getting regular, if not everyday use at home and on the go. It’s already seen a few work days, and fits perfectly in the cup holder of my work cart, making it easy to bring along and have at-the-ready when I don’t have access to a furnished lights source.

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