CL26R – A Light for Dark Places

CL26R – A Light for Dark Places

Ambassador Chase L.

When planning a backpacking trip, everything is a tradeoff. Do you take extra gear and deal with extra weight? Do you leave gear and later wish you had it with you? I see it as a game and I love sending myself into nature to see if I can master the elements with as little as possible.

The reason my Fenix CL26R always makes it into my pack is simply because it is so versatile. For one small, light piece of gear you can light your whole camp, your cooking stump, the inside of your tent or set it to red light so you can preserve your night vision. Having one small electronic lantern that is dimmable makes it at must have item when back country. I also love that it emits light in a 360 degree arc – but there are times, mostly when I am cooking, that I enjoy the setting that only emits light in 180 degrees (helping to preserve battery life). I short, CL26R is kind of the swiss-army knife of around camp lighting. It has many settings and they all serve a purpose, no feature is superfluous and no feature is left out. I truly believe that this lighting tool is engineered to perfection, hence why it has made every backcountry trip I have been on since I purchased it.

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