CL09 – A Great choice for compact lanterns

The CL09 is a very unique nano lantern. It will take you by surprise that a small keychain light has so much versatility. It has a range of very functional applications, from emergency to an ultra light-weight hikers dream.  An emergency can come in many fashions and you will come across a time that you will need a light that is not directional. Lets face it, none of us are walking around with lanterns in our pockets or vehicles. Perhaps you’ve broken down on the side of the road at night. Using the magnetic base attached to your car, and the light outputting 200 lumens in all directions, you make yourself visible to traffic as well as illuminating your surroundings. Issue under the hood? Magnetically attach the CL09 to the under side of the hood and work away. Household emergencies arise too. I can tell you from experience that taking a CL09 (or a few scattered) and setting them on the table in a power outage was more than enough to make my home comfortable until power came back on. With its great run times and 30 lumens, I have no worries about being in the dark.

Taking the emergency uses aside, this little CL09 is a hikers best friend. Offering a GREAT spacing on lumens, coupled with GREAT run times, this becomes everything that one could hope for. At slightly over 1 oz you beat out every other lantern out there. Add in the fact that the included battery is USB rechargeable, hiking with a small solar panel makes this the unlimited illumination lantern. I could not ask for anything better for a nano lantern. I actually find the 1 lumen very useful inside a tent. 30 lumens is more than fine for general illumination, and at the other end of the lumen scale, 200 lumens from something this small creates mind blowing output. I would highly recommend this light for bugout bags too!

We also can’t forget that it includes red, red flashing, and green lights. I have found a variety of uses for modes like red flashing as a marker. Walking at night with a pet or a child helps keep them in sight. Solid red in the middle of the night out camping is great to not wake everyone else up in the tent. Honestly I could not be more impressed with this little guy. I have bought many CL09s for myself, and tend to give them as gifts for friends and family. Plus being under 35 bucks makes it 5 stars in my book!

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