Military, First Responder, Civilian… Versatile Lighting at its Best

Military, First Responder, Civilian… Versatile Lighting at its Best

Fenix TK47UE Tactical Flashlight Review

My time serving in the United States Special Operations community has taught me, to an expert level of success. The Fenix TK47UE Tactical Duty Flashlight claims to be “designed with the security and law-enforcement professionals in mind,” however its characteristics and capabilities far exceed the these two sectors of the market. We operate with extreme speed, surprise and violence of action. These three criteria force us to conduct many of our counter terrorism special operations raids and sniper missions at night.

While night vision is a critical component to a low visibility mission’s success, there are certainly times when white light is critical to the mission. How do we translate this experience and the requirement for quality lighting equipment to more mainstream uses in America? Are those uses law enforcement, private security, or home/personal protection? Or perhaps, are those uses less stressful to the average American citizen such as camping/hiking, blue collar projects (construction/demolition, manufacturing, operations/maintenance).

The Fenix TK47 Ultimate Edition Tactical Duty Flashlight is by far the most used flashlight in my collection. While there is a time and place for each piece of equipment, there haven’t been many times where I have selected a different light for the task at hand. This is the light I place in my luggage before traveling as a demolition project manager in order to traverse dark decommissioned industrial facilities. This is the light that comes hunting, camping, fishing, bow-fishing and hiking with me. This is the light that becomes front and center when the potential of severe, power outage weather is looming. This is the light that sits on my nightstand beside my pistol, waiting to serve its purpose for that unfortunate bump in the night scenario.

I trust it with my job, my leisure, my life and the life of my family.

The Fenix TK47UE is not a lightweight device. It was designed for durability and performance in the most extreme circumstance imaginable. At 3200 lumens, there is no comparable power on the market, and even with so much power, the battery life seems to last forever, which is perfect in those blizzard, or hurricane scenarios where power may be out for many days. The weight and balance is perfect for personal protection as both a primary and secondary means of self-defense, however, it is not too cumbersome to crawl under a 115-year-old power plant boiler to investigate the structural components.

As a US Army Ranger who is accustomed to low light situations, the Fenix TK47UE Tactical Duty Flashlight exceeded my expectations. Most people believe that this type of equipment is suited best for our nation’s fine military and first responders, however, the uses for such a high performing piece of equipment are endless. I just wish I had one for every family member and my foremen on every project.

-Fenix Ambassador, Nicholas K.



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