Fenix TK47 Flashlight Review

Outdoor Ambassador, John P., Reviews the TK47 Tactical Duty Flashlight

Having used the Fenix TK47 first hand, I can attest to its excellent performance and value. This flashlight is built tough, it has a comfortable grip and feels solid in your hand. I have plenty of “floody” flashlights, but never owned one that reached out as far as the TK47.

If you’re in need of a good home defense light, I guarantee that one time in the face while on strobe or turbo and it will disorient any would-be intruder.
I’ve used this light in the woods and while walking the dog at night, I really like the neutral white used on this light vs the cool blue tint. Personally I feel the warmer tint allows you to see the “true” colors of your surroundings better.

I also like the other function that makes this light very unique and that’s its tail light! There are 2 colors you can choose from, red for signaling and white for immediate illumination. I stand the flashlight on its head and use the tail light as a mini lantern. Its great for camping or when the electricity goes out!

Personally I would’ve liked to have seen a few more lumens produced from a light this size, but all in all, I think the Fenix TK47 serves many roles, it’s a very functional flashlight that can be used in many applications. Would I recommend this light to my friends and family, YES I absolutely would!


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