Fenix TK35UE Flashlight Review by Police Officer

Law Enforcement Ambassador, Joseph D., Reviews the TK35UE Flashlight

Fenix TK35UE LED Flashlight

The Fenix TK35UE at first glance doesn’t appear as your typical flashlight. The battery compartment instead of being round like a traditional flashlight is rectangle in shape. Due to its different design, I at first wondered how it would feel in my hand while in use. Any doubt I might have had vanished when I picked up the flashlight and started to put it through its paces. This flashlight was meant for tactical use and it shows in its design.

Instead of having the on/off button near the LED housing, Fenix placed it in the tail cap. Next to the on/off button is another smaller button which will cycle through the different LED settings. I love this feature! Instead of having one button, which does everything, I now have two buttons which gives me better control over the flashlight when I need it most.

TK35UE Fenix Flashlight Dual switch

When clearing a house with gun in one hand and flashlight in another I can access with my thumb both buttons with ease. At less than one pound (while using CR123A batteries) this power house of a flashlight boasts an impressive max 2000 Lumen light intensity and 20 Lumens on the lowest setting. This is perfect for when you need light discipline or you are walking up to a vehicle at night on traffic stop.

If I had to list something negative regarding this flashlight, only one thing comes to mind. The placement of the on/off button might be a little awkward at first for those who are not used to it. However, Fenix designed the flashlight with a purpose in mind and it does it effectively. Whether you are using this flashlight for work or play you can’t go wrong with the Fenix TK35UE.

Joseph D

Police Officer, Joseph D.

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  • Hello from France,

    Last night, 2 guys have tried to enter my house, I was able to scared them, however if it has to happen again I want to be more “prepared”.

    And so I have some questions about the use of the tactical mode : my goal is to blind intruders who try to enter my house (I also bought gel pepper bomb).
    Do I have to use the tactical strobre mode or the tactical turbo mode ?

    Also lumens / intensity is higher in outdoor mode than in tactical mode : do you confirm that for my goal (to blind an intruder) using the tactical mode is better ?

    Thanks for your answers !

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