TK25IR Infrared Flashlight – Best of Both Worlds

Hunting Ambassador, Frank W., Reviews the TK25 IR Flashlight

Fenix TK25 IR Infrared Flashlight

Fenix TK25 IR Flashlight with Infrared Illuminator

First thing out of the box I see the TK25IR Flashlight comes with a really nice hard plastic belt clip. This is a nice change from the typical nylon holster for those that use the light frequently and store it on your belt. With a little ingenuity this would make a great vehicle mount too.

Frank W
I loaded a fresh 18650 battery from my charger and walked through the controls. All the controls are very intuitive and I really like the mode switch on the tailcap instead of the side. With four brightness levels plus a strobe, all the bases are covered. The light will turn back on in the setting it was left in (except for strobe) which is how I believe all handheld lights should be. Beam pattern is excellent and doesn’t degrade in the lower power settings. The light changes from white to IR by rotating the head 90 degrees.

Using the IR mode in conjunction with a NV monocular made early morning and late evening hikes virtually undetectable. I say virtually because the light uses a standard IR LED with two power settings which emits a soft red glow when illuminated. Looking at the light in the dark it looks like two red eyes staring back at you! This really isn’t a huge deal unless you’re in a tactical situation, it definitely gives your position away. This is the only real downside I could find with this light. If they made it available with a no glow black LED like my trail cameras. I know from experience that game animals can see the red LED glow on a trail camera and it can spook them. I plan on using this light for every night uses around the ranch and to sneak into my favorite public land hunting spots with a little more stealth. The IR function and the NV monocular also allows me to check on the livestock at night without creating a ruckus like a bright white light can do.


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