Fenix TK20R Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Outdoor Ambassador, Stephen B., Reviews the TK20R


Let me begin by saying that the Fenix TK20R is a phenomenal light. I’ve had the pleasure of this light accompany me on a few different adventures and I have been very pleased with it. I am really impressed with the extended runtime and outrageous beam throw. I also like that it’s small enough to pocket while still having a substantial feel and being comfortable to carry. The battery level indicator is my favorite feature of all. Knowing the status of the battery at all times is a very reassuring feeling.
On a recent camping trip I really put this light through the ringer. My group and I put the TK20R, along with various other lights, to the test in a few different situations. The TK20R performed flawlessly and really put everyone else’s lights to shame. Needless to say, I might have found a new favorite flashlight.

If I could suggest a change to the TK20R, it would be the charging port cover. On several different occasions, I would pull the light from my pocket or pack and the charging port cover would be partially open. The cover doesn’t seem to have a secure fit – even when completely closed. While this might not be a huge deal, it does make the light more vulnerable to dirt and water intrusion. Despite the charging port cover, I’m really impressed and love this flashlight.

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  • Great light my third Fenix light , love the long beam that is really fantastic

  • Hi
    TK20R. Great product .Using it every day in work and domestic use .
    Nice to have a reliable torch at hand that does not fail or needs constant charging.
    I would recommend this product to anyone who requires advise on a great flashlight.


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