Fenix TK20R Flashlight Ultimate Kit Review

Fire & Rescue Ambassador, Rodrigo B., Reviews TK20R Tactical Flashlight

Rodrigo B

This is a superior tactical flashlight. As with all Fenix Flashlight Products, this flashlight kit will blow your mind when it comes to efficiency, quality and design. Fenix TK20R is a rechargeable flashlight that uses an 18650 battery (2900 mAh), with a tactical button in the back and a mode button on the side, so it is very easy to change modes! It also comes equipped with a battery level indicator which indicates the level of charge when you turn your flashlight on and will flash red when it is time to recharge it. It is a relatively compact flashlight where you could place it in your pocket or use it on the holster that comes with it. I usually use it on my hip on the holster. I have a second one that I live in the car for emergencies. It has a waterproof IP68 rating and can be submerged under water for up to 2 meters. The USB charging port in the back has a cover and I would make sure this cover is closed before you put it in the water, though I have heard from other users that they submerged theirs in water without the USB cover and the flashlight functioned flawlessly after that. On its low mode setting it will last approximately 135 hrs. and on the turbo mode it will last about a 1.5 hrs. Overall I consider this my favorite flash light and I would definitely recommend this flashlight to anyone that is serious about their equipment and want to get a top of the line product!

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