Fenix TK25 R&B Blue/Red Light Review

TK25 R&B Hunting Flashlight Review by Hunting Ambassador, Peter H.

TK25 RB Red Blue LED flashlightGeneral / Personal Feedback

The TK25 R&B is solidly built,  well balanced and very bright on all color settings. This flashlight is another great addition to Fenix’s product line. Hunters, fishermen, and military personnel will all find the TK25 R&B a must have flashlight. As with all super lights the rechargeable battery is invaluable.

How TK25 R&B Assisted Me 

I used the TK25 R&B for everything from late night livestock checks in the pouring rain to catfishing along the river in pitch black. Bottom line, it took everything I threw at it and kept shining like the sun. I even turned the flashlight on and threw it in the river for awhile. Didn’t stop for a minute. It would be perfect for walking into treestands or checking traps.

Military members will love how bright the red LED is. When in field training or deployed, we were only allowed to use red lens flashlights. This is called “light discipline.” It was very hard to find a red light that wasn’t very dim. This light solves that problem.

In addition, the rear facing switch makes this a great light to be carried in combination with a handgun for self defense. The strobe feature will disorient so much it could turn away attackers by itself. And if not, it will certainly give you a clear target while forcing them to close their eyes.

My favorite things about the TK25 R&B:

  • Rock solid construction
  • Exceptional brightness
  • Excellent beam throw on all colors
  • On and off switch and brightness settings operated from the tail cap
  • Great belt holster
  • Waterproof
  • Color choices make it several flashlights in one

My dislikes about the TK25 R&B:

  • I didn’t like that the blue light is included in the red setting. It would have been even better if the blue had it’s own position on the swivel and brightness adjustments.



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