Fenix PD32 Flashlight Review

Tactical Ambassador, Daniel T., Reviews the PD32 Flashlight

Throughout each of my professions, and my charity work, I regularly carry only a few items for each activity. Of those, only one makes the cut for every one of the activities, all the time. That’s my Fenix PD32.

As a firearms instructor, I use my PD32 to illuminate dark ranges, view malfunctioning weapons, and demonstrate the uses of a light in tactical situations.

As an engineer, I often find myself performing field work, inspections in labs, and in poorly lit industrial environments. The PD32 with the easily adjustable light levels makes these tasks a breeze. In my work as a coach for a charitable community robotics team, I use the light to help troubleshoot hardware issues.

All of my gear, I run hard. I use and abuse all of it. The long years of use of the PD32 are shown as dings, scratches, dents and other cosmetic flaws. But, no matter how many times I scratch the surface, I’ve never caused the light to fail or even flicker.

fenix pd32 led flashlight

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