Fenix PD25 Review – Practice Makes Perfect

Tactical Ambassador, Erik W., Reviews the PD25 Flashlight

Erik WPractice makes perfect, all shooters can agree on this. But when you scroll through social media it’s not common to see shooters working in low light or working with a handheld light. When looking at civilian defensive tactics light is a critical component. Light is essential for proper threat identification, de-escalation, and even as a force multiplier should things turn ugly. While some rely on a weapon mounted light there are numerous reasons this won’t work for a concealed carrier, I am certain many will disagree but that’s a separate conversation. There is a lot a light can provide and most schools of thought involve getting some large 1000 lumen light but this might not work for all, most don’t have a ton of pocket real estate to lend for this type of carry or the dexterity to operate effectively. The best light is the one you have on you and the one you practice with. You need to find something that is a perfect blend of size and power so you have it when you need it. Take a look at the Fenix PD 25 for this reason, with a great power and a pocketable size it fits right into any carry style. At 550 lumens it is certain the help identify targets at a variety of ranges, tail cap activation for high stress situations and at a size that will allow you to manipulate a weapon without fumbling around. Just remember finding the right light is only half the battle, you need to practice, mag changes, clearing a malfunction, contact and control drills all essential. But most importantly shooting while spotting with a handheld light will take a good amount of practice, these are great dry fire drills. A good majority of conflict will arise at night, the cover of darkness is a bad guy’s preference so you better practice and often since there is 100% chance of darkness everyday. It’s also likely to prevent stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night or to help in taking out the garbage, all critical environments and real threats.

Erik W. PD25

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