Fenix HP25R Headlamp Review

Headlamp Review by Outdoor Ambassador, Chance F.

fenix hp25r rechargeable headlamp

Fenix HP25R Headlamp


The Fenix HP25R is an awesome headlamp with two different modes of lighting your night. There is a spotlight which has a turbo setting of 1,000 Lumens, which is great for spotting snakes or like the other night, the illusive Pine Barrens Tree Frog (picture below). The HP25R also has a  floodlight feature. The highest floodlight setting is 350 Lumens, which is great for reading or getting your camera ready for reptile photography without blinding yourself! The HP25R has a total of 9 lighting modes.

I really like this light for its flexibility and durability, since receiving it, it’s taken several dunks in the ocean and the swamp and hasn’t even flinched! If you’re looking for a quality headlamp that is versatile and well priced then look to the HP25R!

Chance F

Pine Barrens Tree Frog

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