Fenix HP15UE Headlamp Review

Hunting Ambassador, Peter H., Reviews the HP15UE

Fenix HP15UE HeadlampHP15 Ultimate Edition Headlamp Review

BEST HEADLAMP I HAVE EVER USED! Figured I would start with the bottom line. If you use headlamps regularly like I do you will be extremely pleased with the Fenix HP15UE. It completely blew away the three other models of headlamps I tested it against. One of which was over $100. Disclaimer : once you have this headlamp you will be unhappy with any others you own.

I use headlamps daily while hunting, fishing, trapping and while doing taxidermy work. When you need both hands free for a task headlamps are the only way to go. The HP15UE is super bright and runs on (4) AA’s. It performs well on rechargeables, keeping the cost to run it way down.

Initially I wasn’t sure how unwieldy the four AA’s would be as compared to the more common three in most headlamps. I run all my headlamps with the top strap removed, so that was a concern. But the HP15UE is extremely well balanced, you don’t even notice the slight added weight.

This headlamp has plenty of features any outdoormen will appreciate. It has a guard over the buttons to ensure the light won’t turn on in your pack or pocket and leave you in the dark somewhere. The functions of the light are very easy to learn, unlike some lights. The battery cradle locks in securely ensuring no matter what you’re doing the batteries won’t fall out. The cord from the battery compartment is thick, especially at the ends. This is great because I have had lessor headlamps fall apart at those places.

In short if you want the brightest, most dependable headlamp that runs on AA’s purchasing a HP15UE shouldn’t even be a judgement call. Just do it, your only regret may be not buying two or more. For lights that work or play as hard as you do there’s no brand but Fenix.

Hunting Ambassador, Peter H.

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  • Without a doubt, the best headlamp I have ever owned. I have been through maybe 15 different lamps, this is my go to lamp. Features I like best are, lock out function, quick on at a memory setting, great balance on head, uses AA batts, excellent brightness and focus. Great price for the quality of lamp. I now have more then one, so I have one 20 years from now.


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