BC21R Bike Light Review

Fenix Cycling Ambassador, Gary H. Reviews the BC21R Bike Light

Bicycle headlights have a dual purpose. They help you see, but perhaps more importantly they help you be seen. I’ve used a tail light on my bike for many years. Last fall I decided to get a headlight. I did this more for the times when I run out of daylight than for pure night riding. The BC21R has several things going for it. It is plenty bright enough, not too heavy, and is rechargeable. In addition the battery is removable. This feature isn’t found on many bike lights. It lets you swap out batteries for more runtime.


“From now on, my Fenix bike light will be with me on every ride. It’s a safety thing.”


This weekend I participated in The Redbud Ride, an annual ride in London Kentucky. The weather did not cooperate and I found myself riding in a hard rain with about 300 other cyclists. I used the flash setting on the Fenix and could see the flash reflecting on every street sign and roadside refector. I noticed that the bikes without lights were hard to see but bikes with lights were noticeable even in the downpour. From now on, my Fenix light will be with me on every ride. It’s a safety thing.


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  • Im looking for a tactica high power flashlight for my fire arm with a pressure switch i also would like it to have a red or green laser compatible and IR if posiable

    • Fenix Lighting USA
      June 13, 2017 8:57 am

      Hi Frank, please take a look at our TK series flashlights and PD series. We do have a IR flashlight called the TK25 IR. You can find this in the TK series.


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