Blinded by the HT18!

Well, I don’t even know where to start. The HT18 is INSANE! Kind of reminds me of a lightsaber.

So, let me get started by saying I am a huge fan of Fenix Lights. I owned a PD22 for several years and put that through the ringer! The PD22 being my first light, and seeing how amazing and durable these lights are, has sold me on them tenfold. The PD22 after me owning it, is now continuing it’s life with a good friend of mine, who was in need of a good light.

I know, I know, this isn’t a review of the PD22, so let’s get started with the HT18. First off, it fits great in my hand! I am not that good with sizes, unless I can see something, so I was afraid it would be too big or bulky by looking at the dimensions. Since, I am not a huge fan of flashlight holsters, this is a convenient thing for me. Unless it’s my pocket carry flashlight that I use the clips with, my flashlights generally sit in a bag, or compartment in my vehicle until I need them. That is the only time I use the holsters.

I am sure everyone has heard the term “Don’t look into the light”? When I am shining the HT18 out in an open field, I envision some poor soul being out there, and not know what’s going on. This light is amazingly powerful for its size! Well, it’s powerful in general! I needed and wanted something that could work as a spotlight, but be in a standard flashlight form, and this hit my goals all around. If you need a “spotlight” style flashlight, but don’t want to carry around one, this is Flashlight for you, without a doubt! The price range is unbeatable for what you get!

To finish this off, they put a battery indicator light! Normally, when I am using my flashlight and wonder if it dimmed down, I cycle the brightness and can see I only have 3 settings instead of 4. No need with the HT18, the indicator was a great addition to an already fantastic flashlight. Battery life does quite well, I haven’t tested out the run times, but it’s never let me down. I generally run it on “Turbo” because like I said, I wanted a “spotlight”. When I get a red light, I know it’s time to throw it on the charger! Then I almost forgot, the included battery is rechargeable with a USB-C plug! That was just icing on the cake.

P.S. – Learn from my mistake, do not use this light indoors, in a DARK room with a white roof. I think I am still seeing dots.



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