BC21R – Good Light for Safety in Riding

Important caveat on this review – I am not a cyclist, I don’t ride a nice bike, nor do I ride my bike to commute. I wanted to get and test a light that I can use when biking for fitness and for recreation, and that is my intended purpose for this light. My philosophy of use is to have some sort of forward-facing light to improve my visibility to motor vehicle and other traffic on roads and bike/ped trails, and to be prepared in case it gets dark when riding close to dusk. Knowing this basic philosophy and operational objective, I can provide this basic review of how the light functions in my own experience.

Overall I am impressed by the performance and function of the light. The placement and attachment of the light is simple and robust, and is able to be moved easily between bikes while remaining secure. Other lights I’ve seen or looked at were a more rigid design for attachment, but appeared equally challenging to remove and swap between bikes or to charge. The light produced is a good uniform beam, appears bright (not able to measure and verify performance specifications), and I don’t see any weird colors or strange behavior of the light pattern emitted. I do appreciate the additional LEDs on the periphery of the barrel that are extra red lights on the side – I think this improves the effectiveness of the light for safety, so that persons looking from the side see those in addition to the main beam, adding depth. Rechargeable battery can both be removed or charged in-place, which is nice so the light doesn’t have to be removed for charging if needed. I prefer a rechargeable anyway, simply because it’s easier and more efficient than trying to track down spare batteries of odd sizes or odd numbers.

On the downside of the unit, issues are relatively minor. There isn’t a power level indicator that is numerical or qualitative (battery gauge), so there’s a bit of ambiguity as to how much power is left. While the mount is easily removable, I’m concerned about fatigue of the rubber over time, and the potential for it to be shifted if jostled hard. Overall these concerns are minor relative to the performance of the light.

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