An Indispensable Little Light… The UC35

An Indispensable Little Light… The UC35

Ambassador Gregg

I recently picked up a UC35 Flashlight, and I’m super impressed. I’m a scuba diving instructor and recently took some brave cold-weather friends out for a night dive. After exiting the water we discovered (while sitting around a picnic table) the lanterns a fellow diver brought were inadequate for filling out our logbooks. I smartly deployed the uc35 and I have to say, this compact light has so much power I had to keep it on the medium setting. (Not complaining since that means a lot more battery time). I was even more impressed when the time came to move around the dive/camp site. The throw in this little light blew me away. I could see all the way up and down the quarry. Lightweight, compact, powerful, and a great battery life definitely make this a must-have.

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