A Review of the Fenix LR40R Flashlight

A Review of the Fenix LR40R Flashlight

Ambassador Laurel H.

When a friend of mine first used their Fenix LR40R flashlight while we were looking for snakes in Arizona, I knew I had to get my hands on one. We were shining rock cuts at night to observe nighttime reptile activity and no other flashlight used in our group held a candle to how bright and broad the LR40R was. This light made spotting these elusive creatures at night more easy than it ever had been.

While I purchased this light with the intention of finding wildlife, it has proven to be more than useful in my other hobbies as well. One evening, as some co-workers and I were trying to reach a climbing wall before dark, this flashlight came to the rescue when the sun went down as we arrived. We propped it against a rock on the ground and it illuminated the ENTIRE crag. Paired with headlamps, we were able to complete all of our climbs with no shortness of vision! Months later I also found it to be perfect for caving, making it possible to see depths of the cave we otherwise couldn’t without a light so powerful. We collectively started calling it the “portable sun” due to its solar brightness!

This flashlight is surprisingly small for its 12,000 lumen output, and comes with a holster that easily attaches to your belt. It is packed with several brightness levels and both spotlight and floodlight modes, making it as versatile as you can get. The battery level indicator keeps you posted on how much runtime you have left. Conveniently rechargeable with a USB-C port, this light takes less than four hours to reach a full charge. Even more convenient is the ability to use this flashlight as a power bank for your other USB-rechargeable devices.

If you are looking for power, durability, and solar-level brightness in a compact, indestructible casing, the LR40R needs to be your next purchase!

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