A Light for All. UC35

I was first introduced to Fenix by my neighbor who was a fireman, I rescued his Dog that got its leg stuck on some old irrigation pipe on his property when he wasn’t home.  To show his appreciation he gave me a Fenix Flashlight. I was so impressed with that light I bought the UC35. I uses to think there was a light for every occasion.   I carried my first UC35 for 3 years every day and there was nothing this light wasn’t up for. I was first impressed with the quality, even down to the threads for the tail cap being anodized. I also like that the battery compartment uses double springs for the + and – terminals essentially suspending the battery protecting it from drops.  As a mechanic this light is ideal because of the wide beam pattern. I was able to leave the brightness lower for longer run time and still have the light I need. After 3 years I upgraded to the UC35 V2.0 it is a worthy successor.

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