A Headlamp Like No Other – HM65R-T

A Headlamp Like No Other – HM65R-T

Ambassador Jessica S.

My first love of Fenix products came a few years ago when I was gifted a PD-32. I instantly was amazed at how bright this flashlight was. I couldn’t wait to get a headlamp with these same qualities. So I ordered the newest headlamp, the HM65R-T. It packs a punch in a small package. The easily adjustable headband strap is very comfortable to wear. I love how well the battery holds up in cold weather, and I have not had any issues occur while operating in temps below freezing. No matter what activity I am engaging in, I need a reliable headlamp and the HM65R-T more than exceeds my expectations. I would recommend this headlamp to anyone who needs hands free light when it gets dark out. This would be a great addition especially for those in the search and rescue or outdoor industry.

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