Ambassador review of the TK35UE FENIX FLASHLIGHT – 2018 UPGRADE

The TK35UE Fenix Flashlight – 2018 Upgrade was not the typical flashlight that I would usually get but I was looking for a high output light that was not too large. When I found theTK35UE Fenix Flashlight – 2018 Upgrade I loved the size and that the maximum output was 3200 lumens! The new TK35UE feels great in your hand and can be operated easily with the hand that is holding it. The push button On and Off is very reactive and the toggle switch makes it fast and easy to switch. There are 3 setting for the toggle switch, Outdoor mode and Tactical mode. The Outdoor mode has 5 settings. It goes from the Eco mode which puts put 20 Lumens, the Low Mode which is at 100 Lumens, then there is the Medium Mode putting out 350 Lumens. High Mode has a 1000 Lumens output, then to top it off at the Turbo Mode Setting it throws out 3200 Lumens!! If you switch the toggle switch to the Tactical Mode the only setting you have is the Turbo Mode and that outs out 2000 Lumens! At any time while using theTK35UE you can switch the toggle switch to off and it will shut right down. When you turn it back on it will still be in the setting that you left it. With all of the settings that the TK35UE has they added two more that I love! Hold down the toggle Switch and you activate the Strobe. The Strobe Mode puts out at blinding strobe at 3200 Lumens. Press the toggle switch again and the S.O.S mode is activated at 3200 Lumens also. These both will get anyone’s attention in any situation. Either signaling for help or blinding an attacker whatever you might need it for. On the toggle switch there is a Light indicator letting you know how much charge the batteries have.

Constant Green means your good to hook. Green flashing means your still doing fine. Red constant means you should charge soon, and a flashing red means your just about out of battery power. The two Batteries are placed in a awesome battery holder inside of the TK35UE. You can either charge both of the batteries in the battery holder by connecting a USB cable to the holder or you can take the batteries out and charge them individually. This makes it easy to keep both of the batteries charged at the same rate by using the holder and just plugging it in! The TK35UE is defiantly the biggest flashlight that I own but it is my favorite by far! I have it at work while I’m patrolling outside and I use it at home when i take my puppy outside for those late night walks. No matter what the situation you find yourself in, I highly recommend the TK35UE. I had it with me on my last camping trip and it lit up the campsite light the sun! I plan on having it with me on my next backpacking trip so I can see exactly what goes bump in the night! I highly recommend the TK35UE to anyone that is looking for a high Lumens output in a medium framed flashlight!

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