Ambassador review of the HL60R

When I was looking for a reliable headlamp I knew to start at Fenix and I was not disappointed in what I found! I got the HL60R Rechargeable Headlamp and I couldn’t be more happy!! The size and comfort that the HL60R offers is perfect for anything you need! From late night hikes, hunting, or just out walking your dog it is perfect! With lumen output from 1 lumen fed light to 950 lumens it has you covered no matter what you come across!! With a single button located on the side for function it makes it simple to pick what output you need. There is a battery light indicator so you will never have to guess if your HL60R is charged or not! When it comes time to charge the HL60R no need to take the battery out, just plug in the charger and you’re all set! Light indicator will let you know when it is all charged and ready to light up your world again! There is also a detachable over the head strap for those who want an extra secure fit. I believe that the HL60R is the best headlamp you can get before you have an attached battery pack! I would highly recommend the HL60R Rechargeable Headlamp to anyone looking for a rugged and reliable Headlamp!

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