Ambassador review of the CL30R Rechargeable Lantern

If you enjoy camping, hiking, or just being out by the fire the CL30R Rechargeable Lantern has all of your lighting needs covered. The size is perfect for packing up in a backpack or stowing away in the camper! The max output of 650 lumens lights up the darkest campsites. If you want less light noise then you can chose from 10 to 650 lumens with the press of a single button. The CL30R Rechargeable Lantern has you covered for extra power too! It can be used as a portable power bank. That’s one less peice of gear for the backpackers that you have to carry because you can charge your phone with the CL30R Rechargeable Lantern!! If you what to place the CL30R Rechargeable Lantern at a higher elevation you can with the built in tripod socket! Just screw it onto a tripod and place it where ever you need more light! I used the CL30R Rechargeable Lantern for my little camper adventures last summer and it was perfect! When we were at rustic campsites with no power we still had light and a way to charge our phones!! The CL30R Rechargeable Lantern is a staple for anyone that wants a Lantern that can be used several different ways and won’t fail you!!

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