AA-Powered CL23 Lantern Packs a Punch

I own a couple of the Fenix lanterns, and when I received the email that the CL23 was for sale, I ordered it without hesitation due to the usefulness and performance of its fellow family members.

fenix cl23 lantern red

The lantern arrived about a week before the holidays and was coincidentally also when I was going to remove the carpet from my dining room. …my dining room that has no ceiling light and that I needed to work on in the evening after work.

I used the CL23 along with its big brother to work on the room and pull staples for two evenings, and the batteries were unfazed.

Great little light for anything. Plus, it’s nice to have one that runs solely on AA batteries. Makes a great companion for the other lanterns.

This photo is of the lantern sitting on my kitchen table at 5am with no other lights on. The light carried all the way into the living room, kitchen, and two hallways.

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