100 Miles With the Help of the Fenix HL55 and HL26R

Running Ambassador Jeramy D just completed the Mogollon Monster 100, one of the most technical 100 milers in North America. It’s remote, extremely rugged and a monster of a race! Here’s how he finished using two Fenix headlamps:

I went with my trusted setup for big races: My Fenix HL55 on my head with the HL26R around my waist. The overnight sections consisted of rocky trails including the ever popular Highline Trail for a good portion. There were large sections that were also overgrown with 5’+ tall grass and manzanita. The two light sources helped me keep moving at a steady clip, while passing quite a few runners during these challenging sections. Even when moving through the tall grass, by having the HL26R at a lower level, it helped me see the trail below. 

In a 9 mile stretch leading up to the mile 52 aid station, my lighting turned out to be vital. Not only did I have the challenging terrain to deal with, but I was in the vicinity of a few critters that could have ended my race. The first run-in happened as I came up over a slight rolling hill on a somewhat clear section of the Highline Trail. Crossing in front of me was a roughly 24” Arizona Black Rattlesnake! My lights hit him as soon as I crested and I gave him a few seconds to continue on his way. Of course he stopped so I could snap a couple of photos!

The second instance happened as I was rolling into an aid station at mile 52. Off in the brush/canopy about 50-100 feet away was something screaming/growling at us. I wasn’t sure what it was at the time, but needless to say, my lights were fixed on that area looking for any movement/eye shine. Luckily I didn’t see anything but the noises I heard, I wasn’t familiar with. Sure enough, after talking with some locals and searching via Google, it was in fact a mountain lion! I guess it decided it didn’t like runners coming through its territory in the middle of the night!

After leaving that aid station, there was a nasty and overgrown climb on the Myrtle trail that nearly broke my race. There was a group of about 8 of us trying to find our way up a roughly 1300’ climb over a 3 mile stretch. You couldn’t see any course markings due to the high grass and manzanita. What started as a group, ended up getting down to myself and another runner moving forward more quickly than the others. After about 20 minutes of us finding flags, we had opened up a large gap on the rest of our group. Even though we were struggling, we didn’t seem to be having the issues the rest were. In looking over to thank this runner for helping to team up to tackle the climb, I noticed he was also wearing the HL55!

Seriously, another great night on the trails because of Fenix Lighting! Can’t say enough about these products!

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